Tuesday, 17 December 2013

things about xmas

                                                                               things about xmas

before Christmas you have to right your Christmas list to santa  and he cheks your list before Christmas eve and look if you are on the naghty or nice list and if you are on the good boy list you
get presents form santa and if you are on the bad list you do not get presents on Christmas day before Christmas day santa makes presents for children all over the world in 24 hours before Christmas day
and the night before Christmas day when you go to bed you have to leave santa cookes and a glass of milk  and you have to give the raindears some carrots so they have a treat for all of there hard work off flying a corsse the whole wide world in 24 hours so you do not want to stave the rainderes if not it will be ufere on them because santa gets food and the rain dares don't got anything.

that is my post about Christmas I hope you liked it and lernd stuff about Christmas Thank you for reading.

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  1. We left a packet of raisins for Santa, because it might be a change and a glass of water, because by the time he got to our house the milk would of gone warm (uhhhh) and lots of people give him alcohol and really you shouldn't drink and drive, especially a sleigh. I hope he enjoyed your cookies.


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