Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Being brought onto a slave ship recount:

Trepidation struck me down, as they hauled and yanked me carelessly onto the putrid ship. Huge rats scurried nimbly around the decks, leaving a horrible odour under my nose, as my eyes caught sight of cluster of black slaves, just like me, being forced into cold, steel chains and whipped brutally until they scrubbed the steep stairway to the lower deck. Like a beating drum, the anguish in my heart pounded in my head. Horror stricken countenances of people from my villages, showing dejection, told me my future.

A smirking sailor shouted something at me violently, in a language I didn’t understand. Consequently I turned to him sharply, trembling with utter fear. As a result, he stomped over to me and slowly drew a large whip from behind his back. At first I thought the ship was a magnificent object, however now I knew I was hear to be punished. I racked my confused brain for a reason, but I did not know. Sweat trickled down my fingers at the very moment before the whip came crashing down onto my bare back, sending shocks of pain to my body!

My shattered bones  were groaning, as the scorching sun, which was terrorising the ship, hit my body with horrifying beams. Heavy metal chains converted into hissing snakes, which were coiling their steel body's round my legs and were not willing to let go. Slowly, I stumbled down the stairs to the lower deck because I had no energy to go any faster. However as I finally reached the lower deck, more horror met my tearful eyes...

My week

I have had fun this week I got a new hamster and he is always biting me and I started football at carrow rd

Monday, 17 September 2012


her are some poems that i found on the internet and i relay  like them and i thought that i might post them on her for the people who haven't read them yet  

  .i will only stop loving you when i mute guy saw a legless guy walk on water.

  .don't promise me forever just love me day by day no one  knows the future we're young but that's ok
  .no guy is worth your tears and  the one who is won't make you cry 

  .the worst way to miss someone is to have them siying right next to you and you know you cant have them 

   . don't waste your time n a guy that isn't willing to wast his time on you 

      .in order to be someone you must first be your selth 

    .always laugh when you can its cheeper then medicine 

that is all i have if i have eany more i will let you know and i hop you do read this

Thursday, 13 September 2012


This my haiku.By Amber
school is sometimes fun.
lots of fun lessons a day.
lots of happy kids.

A Hated Person:
By Alice

With only one enigmatic opening, cruelty, they're a scorched wooden locker.

Sharp, they’re the dangerous edge of a fox's claw, slowly scratching the mud-laden track.

Harsh and long, when a harmful wind clashes madly past your face, they’re a wicked winter, where cold snow climbs up your leg like a hairy spider.

After the saddened sun sinks behind the hills, they’re the time when a sudden darkness reigns the jet-black sky, scaring all that salutes it’s evil eye.

Although all that fears it bows to it.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Earthquake part 1

                                                 part 1                                              

Hey its Fred Figglehorn, pressing the keys on my apple computer,I tried hard to concentrate.All of us were working our hardest in the hot office I swept the sticky black hair from my forehead and reached for my glass of water.                                                                                                                                            

Suddenly the offices all over Tokyo started shaking.I wondered  if we were close to the epicenter where the earthquake started,we all knew it was an earthquake it was obvious.Everyone was panicking,but we managed to get out of building, even though it was even worse outside we didn't go  back in because  people were dying and falling in the massive crack that was occurring in the road.                                                

It was horrifying,people were distraught about lost loved ones also family and friends were dying.                                        
However Fire woman came to save the left ones and helped people off the roof ! Suddenly with her super strong strength  she pushed the massive crack and cemented it back together.And that's the end of the gigantic earthquake in Tokyo, as fire woman disappeared into the deep blue sky.

poem about being alone

alone by Chelsey
this is written by someone else

Alone on Sea

Alone i lay on a wooden raft
Alone i stay in the dark
Alone i pray to survive
Alone i may not survive

Alone i look out the sea
Alone i wake up on the sea
Alone i seek out for help
Alone i may not survive

Alone i eat my dry food
Alone i drink the salty water
Alone i sit in the cold
Alone i may not survive

Alone, yes, alone i stare at the storm
Alone, yes, alone i live on the sea
Alone, yes, alone i wait for the rescue boat
Alone, yes, alone i may not survive

Alone, yes, alone i pray to be safe
Alone, yes, alone i call out for help
Alone, yes, alone i get on the boat
Alone, yes, alone i was rescued

Alone, yes, alone i lived on sea for months
Alone, yes, alone i walk ashore unaided
Alone, yes, alone i continue to hold the
Guinness World Record for survival at sea

the avengers part 1

it was an extreamly dark night when the deadly villain came down to earth......loki. He is the brother of the mighty thor
Love playing football
In the hot sand on the beach
I score lots of goals

Summer Haiku Poems 2012

Here are some Haiku poems about Summer.

Pupils had to write the poems in the pattern 5-7-5 syllables.

Can you check to see if they all managed to keep to the Haiku pattern?

Use this pattern please
Five seven five syllables
A haiku is great

Scorching hot summer
Playing in the park all day
Hot is summer time

Summer time is fun
Playing at the beach all day
The sun is shining

Fantastic summer
No school for six weeks yahoo
Playing football some more

Summer time is fun
Playing beach ball on the sand
playing in the sun

The summer is hot
Water pistols cool you down
Tanning on the beach

Summer is the best
Its my chest is very red
End the holiday

Summer is joyful
Summer makes me happy to
I love summer time

Summer is lovely
I love playing on the beach
Everyone can play

The Summer is good
Summer is family time
The Summer is warm

I love the summer
I like to play on the beach
Summer is the best

Summer days are fun
Eating ice cream on the beach
It is fun and hot

Nature comes to life
Children play in the warm sun
In the summer time

Summer is so fun
Playing football in the sun
All day fun fun fun

I love summer time
Summer brings joy to the world
and makes it stay long

Playing the beach all day
The summer is good
Playing in the summer
The summer play on the water

Summer days are fun
Swimming in the cold blue sea
Sun beats down on me

Summer is boiling
The sun gives us a heatwave
I love the summer

I love the summer
Climbing up trees with my friends
Kicking balls around

I love the summer
I swim in the freezing sea
I love the ice cream

Summer time is fun
Summer time is burning hot
I love summer time

Summer time I love
Playing in he park with friends
Going to the beach

Summer time is great
Beautiful flowers growing
Brilliant summer

Summer time is fun
Sun is staring down at us
It is football time

Summer sunshine yay
Playing in the park all day
Flowers start blooming

Summer is awesome
Water pistols spraying at me
Amazing summer

Summer is so fun
Water fights are so awesome
Weeks and Weeks off school