Friday, 20 December 2013

The Sims

There is this game I play called 'The Sims 3'.  It is basically where you have to create a family & move them into a house.  You can give the sims personality's.  When you move the sims in the house you can get the sims a job to get money, but I just use cheats :).  You can also get expansion packs like The late night, where you get night clubs & vampires,  The pets, where well the clue is in the name pets.  I've got around 12 of the sims.  I don't play it as often now, because it's getting boring.  I first bought sims I think in 2011 & since then I've been playing non stp 24 hours.


  1. Do you play the sims on the computer or xbox


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