Thursday, 19 December 2013

Hunger Games!

Who hasn't watched The Hunger Games.  It's awesome if you haven't watched it your crazy.  Go to Google search you tube then type hunger games catching fire.  

                A bit of image about what the place looks like! 
Basically there is 24 people and 12 districts 2 people in each district.  
There is a blank space full of grass and the grass is  by a massive wood, so they can hunt for food.  And they can hide in the trees to escape from the other people.  Also to sleep so the enemies can't kill them in there sleep as easy like it would be if there on the floor.

                               If you don't want to know how win don't look 

District 12 won yay. '-'

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  1. I don't want to really watch the film/s because the books scared me and left me with quite traumatic pictures in my head and I think the film/s would be worse.


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