Thursday, 19 December 2013

My fave's songs and my friends.

                                                     My fave's songs.

1. Jessie J L.O.V.E
2. Jessie J Who You Are
3.Taylor Swift 22
4. Little Mix D.N.A
5. Taylor Swift I Knew you where Trouble
6. Taylor Swift Mean
That's the songs i could name off of the top of my head.

                                              My Friends Fave's Songs.


1. Flo Rida I Cry
2. Pit bull & Ke$ha Timber
3.  Macklemore Thrift Shop


1. Conner Maynard R U Crazy
2. Jessie J Wild
3. One Republic Counting stars

My Mums top 2 songs

1. Man down by Rihanna
2. Fairy tale Of New York by the Pogues

What is your 3 top fave's song's.
(Please look at my friends blogs many thanks)


  1. I wrote some of it☺

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