Monday, 16 December 2013

Santa's Dairy

Tired, stressed.  Soon it will be Christmas I need a rest, but theirs so much to prepare.  Also, I feel proud and on top of the world.  All the hard work that me and my elves have put in to get everything prepared for Christmas.  Oh yeah and not to forget my honey bunny Mrs Clause, she has helped alot of the time as well.

The first thing I had to do was trim my beard was it looked like a sheep was hanging from my chin.  Then i needed to check my weight just incease I have grown out of my suit, so I can fit down chimneys and so the sleigh don't give away. 

After I had done this, I went to the present room to wrap and bag the presents, and to make sure that there wasn't any breakages. Soon after this me and Mrs Clause went to feed the reindeer, also to make sure that they were all there and making sure that Rudolph's nose is still working, that there harnesses were working and there tacks were Sucre.  Everything was in ship-shape with the reindeer, this mean't I could move onto my next job. 

My next job was to check the naughty and nice list.  Oh my word how many naughty children it was so unbelievable, while is was doing this Mrs Clause (my honey bunny) was making my lunch and washing my suit. 

The last job was the hardest, I walked to the sleigh to make  sure that, the engine and to see how many people believe that i'm real on the believe-o-meter. 



  1. This is really good! It really brings a picture to my mind of his day. Maybe you could write about his adventure of delivering the presents and when he comes back.


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