Friday, 29 November 2013

The day of the zombies

On the 25th of November I had a dream that there was a zombie Apocalypse in Norwich and was spreading and I'm going to tell you how it happened.

My mum was beginning to turn into a zombie i didn't know what to do, so i walked to my weaponry car and drive to my friends house's Malachi,Joshua Kerr,Joshua O'Toole,kye hunter and grabbed all the dogs they we owned. By then all the streets were over run by zombie's. I let my friend's get some of the hidden guns in the car. I drove to the closet weaponry centre (army base) witch was about 37.4 miles away( 1 hour away).  While i was driving my friends were shooting the closest zombies north,east,south an west.  Malachi was using a Uzi, kye was using a m16, Josh Kerr was using a magnum and Joshua O'Toole was using a Bravo squad assault riffle.

  When we reached the army base we had to be quick to get all the guns out of the car and into the base.  By the time we had finished unloading we realised that the zombies have multiplied and spread even more.  The army commander let us in and asked how we survived this far.  i replied, "we used the guns that were hidden in my car."  after we had a quick talk about how we got here we all went to try some new gun out and give some of ours to them.  Later that night we had some food then went to get some sleep.  The next day we all done a realistic test to see how good we our with certain weapons.  The highest amount of kills ever by  team of 5 was 237 kills and our team highest score was only 17 away from breaking the record.  When we finished it was clear we were able to fight the zombie with the professionals, but it was all up to the commander and his team.  the commander told us that we could help the, so we each took 7 different weapons and set of to kill the zombies hoping they don't spread into different country's.  While the commander was driving the rest of us were killing the zombies with the weakest gun we had.  in nearly 1 hour we killed over 1000 zombies, but there was still a whole county to protect or at least what was left of it. In 3 hours we killed over 3000 zombies and got to safety and stayed there for the night.  We all woke at dawn and and set of at sun rise to reach the helicopter base before sunset.

 We set of to see only a few zombies, but as we went on there gradually became more and more and more until there was Nealy 8000 zombies in sight.  we reached the the helicopter base about 2 hours before sunset, but we didn't sleep we got in 2 different helicopter's and loaded the turrets and flow high into the sky until we were all able to shoot the zombies.  By sunrise we were still killing zombies and ready to see if the zombies have moved to different country, but sadly they did and they had nearly spread all over the world.  The only places left for the zombies to reach is Australia and new Zeland.  We had about 3 hour's until the zombies would reach Australia and New Zeland.  Our gun's had run out of bullets and we couldn't find any on the hellicopter.  The turret had also run out of bullet so the only weapons we had were grenade's and knife's/ but it was to late we could not stop the with grenade or knife's we couldn't even stop them with turrets or any other weapons all we could do was to find saftey, more gun's and even more bullets and start the zombie revelation.

The team of 10 was soon cut down to a team of 7 but that another story for another day...

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

cm punk

                                                                         facts about  wwe superstar cm punk

cm punks name is phillil jack brookes and he was born 26 october  1978.

His first mach in wwe was in 2006 and his ring name is cm punk  and he one  the tag team champion ships in 2009 with his old tag team partner was kofi kingston . He was in the nwa in 2002  bethor he jiond monday night raw and fridaynight smackdown he was in ecw for 5 years untill he moved to smackdown in 2009
and in 2011 he one the wwe championship in novenber and he was the champion for the holl year of 2012 and lost the championship at the royal rumble 2013 he was the wwe champion for 344 days  days until he lost the championship agenst the rock.

catton is the best school

                               Catton Is The Best
Are school has 650 children and about 24 class rooms. Also they are 90 teachers in this school most of the peoples they are nice,but the best thing about this school is that in year six we get to go into lunch early and we get to do fun projects.The playground is huge and they is a monkey  bars and more things. We have ipads and chrome computers we have two halls one is small and one is huge which we do pe in we have pe on Mondays and wendays. Hope you enjoy are school.
                                                           This is are playground.

This is are big hall.
            Thank you for looking on are blogger.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Home Town

Norwich, is the place that I was born in and being raised here. It isn't the best place but it is still the place that I call home. 

In Norwich we have many great beaches and arcades that you can drive to and it doesn't take, so long  there are places like Gt Yarmouth, Sea Pauling (therechips are nice), there are still many more but that will fill up the page!! 

Back in the 11th century we were the second populist country after London, London is the capital of England.  

Norwich have approximately have 37,6500 people live over here an in the hole of England there are 65.7 million our population have grown by 40000!! 

Room 8 I hope you like this and hopefully you have learnt a little about Norwich and England!! 😃 
Catton Grove Primary School

Hello Arrow Town Room 8 welcome to catton grove primary school.  This is a tour
of our school and how we learn in catton grove.
This is the enterance to Catton Grove Primary School

This is a sports lessons taking place in our big sports hall.

The year six art work in our wall way.

Our Catton Grove play Ground

Simeon playing on the play equipment.

This is our school arrow town room 8 hope you liked it because i certainly like your school.

Monday, 25 November 2013

My Psycho Dreams

Ok so I have this recurring nightmare, where I'm sleeping and I hear a noise I look no one is there, but I feel somebody is awake.  I called my mum no answer then I heard a noisy next door & something was in my bedroom, I looked up & it was a giant waffle trying to eat me, but before I could blink I'm inside his organs.  The next day the waffle (it was blue & fluffy) was sick and I came out in a world of knife, fork & Spoon where I get married to a spoon & cheat on it with a very intelligent fork.  Then I had 2 baby spoons & 2 knifes.  One fine day there it rained didgeridoos & I died of being squished by one.  If you had any strange dreams comment below.

Year six's book week art spooks apprentice

The Spook's Apprentice 

we were learning about the spooks apprentice we had to make a project Milly and Hayley then Simeon and Charlie,ash,jack.g and Malachi,Dillon we listened to a pod carst of the spooks then drew a story bord.  The story boreds are fantastic so you need to see it.( Amazing) we had lots of fun doing are art work we had teachers helping us. All the people in my school done book week year 6 done the spooks apprentice year 3 done diary of a wimpy kid from Dillon and Skye book was amazing!!!

Norwich (Home)

Ok so I came to this strange place about 4 years ago from Estonia.  This place has been boring a bit for the first year (probably because I didn't speak any English).  All I can say is it's a Sun kissed place.  First when you start everyone thinks your weird, but it's ok when people star to know you better.  Also there are some cool landmarks in Norwich like The Cathedral, Chapelfield , Castle mall & The Forum.  The Forum also has the largest library in Norwich.
Although Norwich isn't the biggest city I have lived in, but it has been the most friendly city I have lived in.  I would like to thank all my friends, who supported me especially Jack.  If I haven't moved into Norwich I wouldn't have such nice friends.  Summing up Norwich is a great & friendly city.  Come & visit us.  

norwich my city.

Norwich has some amazing things such as Norwich Cathedral which is over 900 years old, as well we have a castle that has a dungeon in it, and to top it all off we have the Wensum River which is a beautiful sight.  Norwich, in the 11th century, was the 2nd biggest city apart from London. It used to have fortified walls all around it, but most of them are gone now.

You can go on boats on the river, which leads to the Norfolk Broads, but I havn't been on one yet.  The Norfolk Broads are a medieval manmade feature. The Broads are historic peat quarries that have flooded. The Victorians used the Broads for transporting heavy goods on Wherries and Barges out to sea and towards the large shipping port of London.  .

We have a local football team that is in the Premier league and the football ground is right next to the train station, it takes just under two hours to get to London by train. We have 4 cinemas, 3 theatres, 1 dry ski slope, 1 ice rink, 2 skateparks and an airport. I live 5 mins away from the local airport.

Catton Grove Primary School

Catton Grove Primary is the best school ever we have 650 children and there are 90 teachers, including TA's, cleaners, miday supervisors that look after us at lunch.  We do all sorts of different sub-jects, like now we are doing seed germination.

We have two sports halls, one we have our lunch in and we use it for P.E aswell. The second hall we use for all sorts of things, we use it for plays, gymnastic at lunch times and at the end of school, P.E again and many more.

Some of the teachers are quite boring, as they are stricked (no names Mr Simpsons) now he is some one you wouldn't want t get into trouble with and they don't know how to have fun. Then on the other hand some of the teachers are fun as they add in fun games and they trick us in lessons, that makes it interesting.

Recentely we have had an author come in for book week, his name was Joseph Delaney he was so funny!!  He asked for people to come up to the front of the library, we have a library if you did not know anyway he made us smell these things that smelt weird one of them were hot apple pie and the other was the remains if a burnt human heart. Gladly I didn't have to smell it!! 

We also had a book fair.  A book fair is where our library teacher, Mrs Bream and her jouinor  librarians sell books and other things to the pupils of catton grove at the end of the day. What ever money we make goes towards new books for the library.

Our head teacher is Mr Laws and our 
Secretary head teacher is Miss Patterson 
I guess she's alright at times just don't be naughty when she's around, she's a good step head teacher but I don't think many people would agree but I don't mind what they say!!!

In year six we are learning how to personify things, and we personified The Mary Rose this is my poem. 

There I am struggling, the dancing waves 
Push me down to the bottom of the deep blue one of my men have been washed over bored. That was my poem thank you for reading please leave a comment. 

my idols {besides my parents}

The people I admire the most besides my parents are eminem and Mesut ozil. The reason I admire Eminem is because unlike other rappers he talks about the truth, not just about past girlfreinds and money. I know I should not listen to him but I have been singing his songs since I was 7 and i'll never stop singing in the bath! The reason I admire Mesut Ozil is because I enjoy watching him pass and smack shots into the back of the net. Plus I am an Arsenal fan!

Black ops 2


                                                                  Black ops ll

Black ops 2 is realy popular game.  You can't play 2 player  on missions but you can play zombies 1 to 4 players online 2 to 14. most people play zombies but some you have to unlock. on call of duty world at war you have to complete it on one on missions to get zombies.(map nacher toting Nazi zombies)  With black ops 11 you have to get 750 points to open the or you find and build parts to open the rusty door.

If you want a gun you can buy them of the wall or the box , but if you have got the monkey they will make the zombies stand around it and explode and kill a herd of zombies, the teddy is the thing you should worry about.
The teddy get rid of the box but there are other boxes........If you get teddy bear twice you get the box you had first, but when you get round about round 10 that stop.....only for a bit.

the Best guns on black ops 2 zombies,top 3:

1 the best, ray gun
2 thunder guns
3 bullet chamber

A packer punch is a machine that upgrade your gun,  and make it much more power full. The best gun To packer punch is the thunder gun. Last best at zombies is yoat slayer  but he died not so long ago..... i am so sad don't even want to talk about it.

Catton is amazing

Catton Grove primary school is the best school in the universe and within it you have loads of fun , the teachers are great they make you feel like whereever you are in the school you feel safe. Last week we wrote poems mine was:

The Mary Rose was sinking struggling
as she went the violent waves
Were clashing
the moment very tense.

We get to use the ipads, laptops and chrome books, which is loads of fun! Thankyou loads for reading my blog. Please leave a comment!

I Like Cookies

Ok so I am A totally crazy about cookies.

There are loads types of cookies like fortune cookies & chocolate chip ones, but any other way I am still a cookie monster.  Cookies were made in Germany in German the name cookies was 'keoekje' means 'little cake'.  Cookies were made by accident.  95.2% of Americans eat cookies or keep some in their house.

There were some projects that were close to cookies in the seventh century in Persia, which is one of the countries to have sugar.  Unfortunately, a chocolate chip cookie has 140 calories (which might be the reason why I'm fat).

Cookie Monster 

So my favourite fictional character because he is a total freak & crazy about the cookies as I am.  As you might have seen a familiar face in a t-v show in Sesame street, which I personally have never watched the t-v show, because I'm not interested in kiddy t-v shows, which I think is kind of sad -_-.

Summing up Cookies are awesome & Cookie Monster is for kids, so here is a little picture for you people out there....  

Btw: I'm going to get the poster, which is pretty epic "_"

Monday, 18 November 2013

Friday, 15 November 2013

All My Friends

I think of my friends like family and I especially think of my best friends as family.  This post is all about my best friend Kirill.

Kirill is a friend who can guess what i am thinking just by looking at my face .  He is the type of friend who knows how I fell even though I don't.  He is the type of person who likes what I like.  Me and Kirill laugh at the same things, cry at the same things, but most of all we have fun at the same time.

That was a special post for my best friend kirill.  Please comment on your best friend and why you are best friends.
I love dogs, because there are so cuddly and soft and you can play all day with them and after have a nice long sleep with him or her.  I will name my favourite 20 breeds of dog.

  1. Cocker Spaniel
  2. Collie Bitch
  3. Husky 
  4. Jack Russel
  5. Pugs
  6. British Bulldog
  7. alsation
  8. German Shepard
  9. Whippet
  10. Greyhound
  11. Patterdale Terrier
  12. Beagle
  13. dashund
  14. Staffature Bull Terrier
  15. Labrador
  16. Laparatzu
  17. Dalmatian
  18. afghan hound
  19. yorkshire terrier
  20. Scottish terrier
That was my favourite 20 breeds of dogs please comment your favourite 5 breeds or comment 
your favourite animals.

What ever you do keep loving dogs and all the other animals in the world.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Gold - Plated Toothbrushes

I have found out that you can not purchase a gold-plated toothbrush of 'amazon.' I have come to the conclusion that this is because there is not much of a market for gold-plated toothbrushes. Why is this?