Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Favorite Christmas Present

I bet you would never guess what my favorite Christmas present was, however you don't need too because I am going to tell you. My favorite Christmas present was a bowler hat. I really like it because it is a kind of random Christmas present, even though it was on my Christmas list. Apparently I look really good in it and once you have had it on your head for a long period of time it surprisingly keeps your head quite warm. I am wearing it now and have worn it to Tesco, the park and the coast (yes, I know the coast was pretty cold) and it is only the 28th of December.

Also for Christmas, of my Aunt, I got a Japanese toothbrush holder. It was purchased from the same place as my Japanese fold-up travel toothbrush. It is a pastel blue color and resembles one of those big chunky rings you sometimes see in shops. Even though I am presently using it, it is still part of my growing toothbrush collection, which consists of, my Japanese travel toothbrush, one Italian toothbrush, two German ones, a french one, a 'design you own' one, and an Aquafresh one purchased at Morrisons in Riverside.

As well as this I have recently started another collection - a collection of rulers. So far this consists of five grand specimens, a 30cm opaque turquoise one (shatter proof), an opaque 30cm slightly blue/grey tinge left handed one (shatter proof), an orange and hot pink 30cm one (with kiddy grip), a lilac/purple 30cm flexible one and a purple 15cm sausage dog ruler (sooooo cute!)

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