Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas is the best

                               Christmas is the best 

Cristmas is the best year you could have.I had always wish that ith was Christmas every day.People say that christmas is that you get presents, but really its about giving and getting in the christmas time.Christmas could be the best year ever you have christmas lights and trees also when Santa comes we give him food.

His rain beers make him fly and goes round the world in are school we put up a tree and a snowflake up.Also you get christmas cards from people and friends, but the best thing about christmas is that speeding time with you family.And then you write your christmas list what you want for this year.CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST! Tell me about your santa.               

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  1. Rain BEERS?! Hahahahah!!! I bet you if that was true santa would be drink-driving!! :O)


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