Monday, 2 December 2013


Sit down, have a cup of tea,   
You will be speaking to me,
If your troubled & you feel like a bubble,
Come & say what me to see,
I'm not Santa Claus, I'm not a nanny, I'm not a plaster,
but what I am is your master.

Hello hello what do we have here,
A demented ear,
Can we hear,
Not so clear.

You say I'm crazy
I say your crazy
So now we're both crazy together

A little girls mind
Seriously my pony doesn't poop glitter,
Am I bootiful,
What does my back look like,
Mummy ma chocolate has gone,
Oh right I ate it all.

An old grandpas mind
Woo new year 1972 wha I'm a century back,
I never should of trusted those backed beans the would send me into the future,
How old am I again oh yeah 22,



  1. cool pooping glitter pony (lol)

    1. Oh yes & it pees glue

    2. how?by the way dose it eat cookies

  2. Exelent i like the pony poem and the sit down one!


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