Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Some times people cry and sometimes people luagh. People smile, people frown. They smirk and giggle, bursting with  laughter. Screaming and shouting with anger  and excitement.  Trying to hold in every tear if happy or sad.  People feel souicidal at times but I takes some guts to acitally harm them selfs. When bully's bully people self harm when it get out of hand people regret that to. People love. Love is a magnificent thing that fills people with joy, it brings happiness in people's lives. Hate is a bad thing, Hate can be used in many different ways.  Then there is jealously, jealously gets poeple know where in life it makes them look bad and they end up alone or with poeple who aren't right for them.

best place to go on holiday

when I went to Spain it was the best time ever as the hotel had a football pitch and a disco where they handed out awards to the winners of the football match.  They had challenges for the day as they didn't want any one to get bored.  Also there was a massive swimming pool which was so cold but this didn't stop us going swimming as the weather was so hot nothing could stop us getting in.  Every day we'd try to go out for tea as they had the best food ever - I had never tried anything like it.  But when I go to America I will have hot dogs every day and get a load of sweets.  I am looking forward to having lots of fun with my family.

My weekend

Every weekend I go to California cliffs, because my mum has brought a caravan there.  She brought it, because my mum thought I need more friend out side of school. That didn't really work, because I still don't make a lot friends, but I sometimes bring friends with me so I don't stay inside so much and I have someone to do thing's with like playing football,going to the amusements,taking the dogs out for walk's and going to the Beach.  At the caravan my auntie and uncle have a caravan there and they take there dog poppy.  mollie (my dog) and poppy always play together and fight with each other over food and toys.  Well I guess that what dogs do. Sometime's me my mum and my sister and my dad go round there's for diner.  Last week we had homemade curry and pork for diner.  Everything went except the pork, because my sister has recently became a vegetarian so she only ate the samosa's and the rice, but I ate most of the pork and had the rest the next day for lunch.  My mum brought her first caravan, but it a a few major problem's so my mum went hunting for a new one with my auntie and eventually they found a 3 bedroom caravan with a veranda decking at the side of the caravan.  My mum didn't tell me how much it exactly cost but I think it was about £13,000 and £500 for the veranda.  The sales man told us that our old caravan could be sold in about 1 week. My mum forgot to got something from the old caravan on the day we moved and I went to get and there was someone already viewing the caravan. If felt kind of weird just walking into my old caravan and seeing someone viewing it and thinking about buying it. He did by it and within 2 week's he noticed the problems and up graded to a different caravan and it is still on sale near it's original spot.  California cliffs used to be open for 9 months, but it is now open 11 months.  The shop shut's at it normal month like the pool.  California cliffs is now open via Christmas and you can get a Christmas diner and a present for a set price.

My friends by Skye chapman

                                                            My friends

My friends are funny but some times they get me into things which I'm not involved which makes my upset so some times. My friends they always  playing with me and they try and make my laugh which some of my friends play football but I've still got friends around so I go over and ask then if they want to play with me. My friends are friendly unless they get into fights and thats the bit is where my friends go crowding round to say fight fight fight. Then I haven't got friends around and that's where sky comes over.
This is my list of friends every one in my class I've chose all the class because every one is sender ball plus people in this class can work as team work.  

My Best Dancer

Ashley Bango  is my best dancer
Ever since I heard of him  and seen him dance on YouTube I thought  he was  a legend. I look up to him, he's  fantastik he even made start dancing. I am  GOB SMACKED my self!

Here is a rhyme.

Dance in town, dance in streets, whatever you do, DANCE WITH THE BEATS!


I think the best teacher in the world is Mr Mckeown he makes you laugh he plays games with you


Eminem was a famous American rapper who 's  real name is marshal mathers . He is an extremely cool.  
and really good at rapping.He was born october 17 1972.Eminem is also an actor  song writer and record producer.  Eminem has opened other ventures  including his own record label shady records with his manager Paul Rosenberg. This is my first post hope you enjoyed I'll be back. 

School Dinners

Kids are always going on about how bad school dinners are, but I think differently.

Chips, fish fingers, pizza, there good but nothing matches the curry and chips. I would give a a 5 out of 5. Dillon said his favorite school dinner is curry and chips. I'm not saying all school dinners are nice but our schools are the best. Dillon said that Mousehold school dinners taste like heaven so if you go to Mousehold Dillon gives you a 5 out of 5


Me and my friends

                                                                         My friends 
My friends help me, my friends respect me. Friends do everything for or with me, I respect them I'm proud to have them in my life.  We do every thing with each other, we stick by each others side. Never gonna bring me down never gonna bring each other down.  We cry and laugh together to get through it, we bring smiles to each others faces.  We all have our up's, we have our downs no one will ever split us. Even though we say mean things and hit we do not mean them. Crying and laughing is the best thing about friendship, honesty and care is the thing that keeps us together. 

This is about my friend Zoe.

School Life

Year six

I know year six seems like a big number, but it's not .  The changes are only better like you get to go to lunch early and more responsibility.  The down side we have only a little time for brake.  Apparently we are the noisest class that our year six teacher has ever had and we are proud.  Growing up in CGPS went so fast like I was in year 3 yesterday and now I'm in year 6.  Days run so fast soon we will be in high school.  


My personal favourite club is gymnastics.  I myself do gym club at lunchtime and its's been very good so far (joined since year 4).  There are also other clubs like Journalisim, Tennis and Grils football ect.
Table tennis is one of the good clubs after school.  Don't start me on the lunch time clubs there is a gigantic variety of them.  Monday: Yoga and Blog.  Tuesday: Gym and Blog.  Wednesday: Art.  Thursday: Film.  Friday: Gym and Film. 

That is for today see you next time.

Friday, 18 October 2013

I am a horse nutter

Well then, that took a long time to get on blogger , but it does not matter I'm on now, just then done a reading test and fingers cross I got a good score.  Any way enough with my gobble de gope I better start introducing myself, I am a horse enthusiast actually a horse nutter I have saddle club every other Saturday and ride a horse called Jaffa, who always has to canter off.  I love my pets Peaches, Merlin and Tia (dogs), Oggy, Wolfy, Fluffy, Tiger and Maisy (cats), 12 chickens , like 28 fish and 2 rabbits.  My favourite book is the Pegasus series by Kate O' Hearn you should totally read this , but be prepared for a sad part in the latest book, I cried my eyes out.  My favourite pony is Buster because he is just like me, he is cheeky and has a crazy hair do.  Although my favourite horse of all time is Maple because she was rescued, but she has a wonderful gallop you feel like your floating!

Seasonal Poems


Ahh the fresh air, the barbecue, but the best thing is the the swimming.  The nice hot water.  Scuba diving whatever I don't care as long as I feel the hot summer air.  Although the fun with all the hot air wont last with care the cold breeze will fill the air.   Now these days are pretty boring too all you do is sit at home and read all day.  Nothing better then the summer holidays.


The orange and yellow leaves flying from the trees.  End of summer now.  Soon the winter will come running down.  Halloween is the major event, the little children running down the roads dressed ridiculously, but I guess it's not that bad all you do is stay around and have a little chat.

What's your favourite season?

Comment the name of it.

Personal opinion:  My favourite is Summer because I get to the beach.

New year six by Skye Chapman


New year six

 Hi my name is Skye Chapman I have been in this class for nearly for six week's, i'm also in 6M Mr Mckeown class. My favorite bit of year 6 is every thursday we have to go into other classes for different lessons like we have been in high school.  I have moved up from 5B Mr Buxtons class, i'm in Mrs barns class for maths we do maths papers which are boring. 

We go on the lap tops a lot of the time which is fun,but it will get harder and harder as we go through year six. 

My best dancer


                                              Michel Jackson                                                                                                                                                                                             My best dancer is Michel Jackson,when I was a little boy I love how he dace.  The best move I have l learned   is is called the moon walk and also his song that I love  is called smooth criminal.  His dace moves that I can do are amazing furthermore I sported him ,but after he died I started to learn new amazing dace moves.  As me now I am so good that I have got into conversation and won medals.  My best dancer has beid  which everyone now  but I still sport him.  How I got into dancing when my dad showed me.  I was amazed with my dancer In my ipinon he my in superman.  He like supper man.  This is him doing his best move.

Give me you best dancer ever I the comments!

from kye hunter     

Facts about me also Jessie J

                     Information on me Molly also Jessie J.
                                    Things about me!!!
AS its my first time writing a blog please comment and be kind.  I hope you like it?

I love my pets manly my cats called Tiny,Felix,Sooty. Also I have a Hamster called, Nugget and about 22 fish. My mum is called, Kerry my dad is Called, Russell my brother is called Charlie.My favourite animal is cats and dogs.  WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE ANIMAL?!!  
Jessie J or should I say Jessica Ellen Cornish.  Born in Red Bridge,England.  Claim to fame as a singer one of her songs are 'Do it like a dude'   She went through high school and channelling down her talent again when completed her study at the Brit School and joining an all girl group.  As she has a irregular heart beat and at age 18 she had a minor heart stroke. Her first proper song was when she was with Gut Records. 

Some questions for you to answer:
What's your favourite colour?
What laptop do you think is the best?
Please look at my friends blog posts please there brilliant to.
Don't forget what is your favourite animal is? 

the funnyest person i know

kye hunter is the funnyest person i know because he makes evrybodey lagh because his funny jokes evrey day he makes me laghf because when i do not notes he just dose somthing stupid he just makes me laph
so much  that it makes me want to never want to forget  his funny moments because thay are to funny moments.  If he told you a joke you would lagh your head of and you would never forget the helerose moment  So go and see him and he will tell u a joke and you would laph a lot.


Eminem the best rapper in the world,so loose your self in Eminem's rocking music,some of you may not like him but listen to this song and it will change your minds.If you don't like it listen to some of this. 1 the best, berzerk. 2 shake that. 3 whith out me. 4 way i am. 5 cleaning out my clauset. 6 no love. 7 love the way you like. 8 about me. 9 smack that. 10 space bound. now thats only my top ten, if you like all this arfter you listend look up for more and more songs on you tube.Also type like Eminem type berzerk.

top five football teams


My names simeon and I like liverpool. I started liking them when i was abouts 4 when as that was when I got my first liverpool top. I got it on my birthday from my brother steve as he was the person who got me to love it. 

When they were brilliant

My dad used to like it so did all of his friends as they used to be top of the league Which should of been now as I am the biggest fan in the world at least they are now starting to become a lot better.  Only if they didn't start to lose there games they would still be the best team in the Barkley premier league.  Of course ones luck lasted for ever so they started to draw but they are still pretty good for me.
Favourite players
  My favourite players are  Steven Gerrard and sterling as they all are very good at passing, shooting and  and crossing to help the team to victory.  Hopefully they can start to win again to get top of the league once again 

Put your five teams in a comment

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hello again!

Sorry I haven't been posting today because I was busy, so here's one.


Knock, knock. Who's there ? Jo. Jo who ? Jo mama.


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Pets are beautiful and people say that pets keep you alive longer and keep you warm and friendly.They are so many animals you can have as pets and i am going to try and name them all.
Dogs,cats,Birds,Rabbits,Hamsters,Mice,Guinea pigs,Fish,Tortoise,Snakes,Spider,Reptiles....

If you can think of any more please comment them and if you have any of these animals comment they name and breed please.

This is the end of my first post hope you like it and keep looking for me and all my friends posting!

By jack whitmore


This following joke is a joke
Once a woman found a magic lamp and rubbed it and a genie came out. The genie told her she had three wishes.The woman said she wants a billion pounds. Then the genie said you now have 1 billion pounds and you ex-husband."I always wanted a lamborghini " said the woman "You now have a lamborghini and your ex-husband has 2. Now you have 1 wish left". "I want to remove one of my kidneys" said the woman "Your husband has 2 kidneys removed".


Addicted to this,

New Blog!!!

Hello! I have only joined this blog, our teacher (Mr Mckeown) finally gave us an invatation. Too bad I cant write a blog at school Beacause the chroembooks don't work properly.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Marvelous Homework and Housework Machine

Attention all students! Attention all kids!
Hold onto your horses! Hold onto your lids!
We have just exactly the thing that you need
whenever you've way too much homework to read.
The Marvelous Homework and Housework Machine
will always make sure that your bedroom is clean.
It loves to write book reports ten pages long,
then put all your toys away where they belong.
This wonderful gadget will do all your math,
then mop up your messes and go take your bath.
The Marvelous Homework and Housework Machine
is truly like no other gizmo you've seen.
It hangs up your clothes on their hangers and hooks,
then reads all your boring geography books.
It brings you a pillow to give you a rest,
then brushes your teeth and prepares for your test.
This thing is amazing--I'm sure you'll agree.
It feeds you dessert while you're watching TV.
There's only one thing this device will not do:
It won't eat your Brussels sprouts--they're, like, PU!

  --Kenn Nesbitt