Monday, 16 December 2013

2 days after Christmas

It's now the second night after Christmas and all my elves are buzzing as this Christmas was the best one, and we are now getting ready for the next Adventures year that's still ahead of me and my honey bunny Mrs Clause.  

Mrs Cluase had wrote me a list of why things that I had to do when I wasn't doing anything else with the elves. 
The first thing was to wash the sleigh where it had got a little muddy from when I took of, so I set off to my sleigh with the bucket and sponge and scrubbed it from top to bottom hopeing that it would be as splattered with shinniness as it normally would be .

Finishing the sleigh, Mrs Cluase came in and ordered me too train Santa junior at one . Rushing of leaving the elves to fin fish off my sleigh I head for the training room, to train Santa junior. 

Santa junior was nearly trained up and he was ready to come with me next year on Christmas. 

Have you been good enough or have you been bad?

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