Thursday, 19 December 2013



Haven't you noticed how annoying siblings can be.  Don't it just bug you when they take your stuff, do everything you do or tell lies about you.              

See this is what I mean.

People say that there siblings are the worst, but when they want something off you they act all goody and nice.

Skye's quotes on her sibling:

She says the bad thing about having siblings that they are irritating, that they beat her up and they come into her room rudely!!!

She thinks the good things are that they give her things, help and respect her. <3

Chloe's quotes on her siblings;

She says the bad things about having siblings are that they cling on to her and don't leave her alone, they also boss her around.

The good things are that they, help her when it comes to her home work and she is stuck, they are polite.

      What would you say about your sibling/ings?

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