Saturday, 13 October 2012

top 3 favorite film reviews

1.Hunger games(12)
rating out of 100:
100 out of 100
Favourite character:
Katniss Everdeen the main character from district 12.
Favourite part:
*SPOILER ALERT*  When Peeta and Katniss win the hunger games (district 12 altogether.)
Saddest part:
*SPOILER ALERT* When Rue from district 11 dies because she slowly pulls out a spear, then she faints Katniss gradually reveals the wound and after that Rue dies in her arms.
Since Katniss is a really sweet girl she goes to pick some flower and put them all over Rues body.
Film notes:
The main character volunteers herself for the Hunger Games (aged 12-18.) As a result she saves her sister. In the end district 12 wins the hunger games. The hunger games consists of a girl and a boy from every one of 12 districts. There once was thirteen districts but district thirteen got destroyed in the war that created the hunger games *SPOILER ALERT*. Or so they make you think

2.harry potter series(8 DVDs)
rating out of 100:
91 out of 100
Favourite character:
Hermione Granger the friend of the main character.
Favourite harry potter film: 
Harry potter and the chamber of secrets.
Favourite part out of all the films:
When harry kills the basilisk.
All film notes: 
philosophers stone (1st year)
The philosopher stone holds a life elixir that keeps Nicholas Flamel alive. In the end he decides to destroy it so Voldemort (he who must not be named) can't come back.
chamber of secrets (2nd year)
The chamber was built by one of the founders Salazar Slytherin, inside is a monstrous creature by looking it in the eye it can kill you, however if you see its reflection you will only get petrified.The monstrous creature in the chamber is the basilisk.
prisoner of  azkaban (year 3)
The school get a new teacher who is secretly a werewolf. Harry find out about his godfather Sirius Black who is also a werewolf. 
goblet of fire (year 4)
Harry's name somehow get into the goblet of fire which enter him in the tri wizard tournament. In the end he does win it and Voldemort comes back.
order of the phoenix (year 5) (12)
Harry finds out about the order of Dumbledore's army and he want to join. During the film Harry get some people together to join Dumbledore's army and train in the room of requirement.
half blood prince (year 6) (12)
They all get a new potions teacher and harry gets a different book with the correct instructions. He keeps the book and reads it every night. 
deathly hallows (year 7) (BOTH 12)   
part 1
Harry is in the last year at Hogwarts. He will be searching for the last horcruxes to kill Voldemort and also Dobby dies in  the end. Voldemort eventually finds the elder wand.
part 2
It is the final battle between Voldemort and Harry fight till the death.They find the rest of the horcruxes but there is a bit of a twist because harry is a horcrux himself.

3. Narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe 
rating out of 100:
82 out of 100.
Favourite character:
Susan one of the 4 main characters.
Favourite part:
When the battle for Narnia is won because of Aslan.
Saddest part:
When Mr Tumnus gets turned to stone by the witches power.
Film notes:
The main characters Susan, Lucy, Edmund, Peter travel through an amazing journey through the wardrobe to find a magical world Narnia. They find out about the white witch that they have to go against.


  1. this really helped me, but why are these your favorite characters

  2. thank you for telling me why they are your favorite and it has made me now want to watch the Hunger games.

  3. Thanks for putting in the Hunger games and are you going to see Hunger games catching fire.

    1. i have posted a review on the catching fire film


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