Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The poem's from my head

The poem's from my head.

This poem is from my head maybe is't not, maybe it's from France, maybe is't from Spain.
This poem is about horses, or maybe it's about dogs, maybe it's about relationships or maybe it's not.
This poem is not a poem, it's a lot of words that I suddenly thought of, maybe it's a bunch or words carefully put together,
but it's not it's just a poem that me and my friend Emily thought of just now.

I am your master 
I am your mother
I am the things you love
I am the things you worship
I am transportation
I am animal's
I am your world, because 
I am everything you can ever imagine.
I am the creator of these poem's
By Jack Whitmore.


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  2. at lunch time on the 3rd december

  3. Well... Umm... Thats good! But did you really make it up?

  4. Hey I done most of it.


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