Monday, 16 December 2013

My 16 iPhone cases

Ok so this morning I couldn't decide what iPhone case I should wear, but luckily my 'friend' Malachi video chatted me to help me choose.  It took us ages to get through them now we finally decided.....
So as you can see HE chose this English flag one.  I personally didn't likeit so I changed it when he hung up -______- .  Yeah yeah I know I'm a bad friend, but he said he'd call me back in ten minutes.....Five hours later still nothing!  I think he might be guilty because he thinks it my fault   -_-.

Well some people think 16 iPhone cases is too much, but I think it is ok.  My first case was bought with my iPhone in the Apple Store, Chaplefield, it is basically a case with a picture of Las Vegas sign that cost £24 RIP-OFF......


  1. Why would want 16 iphone case's 6 is ok but 16 is to much

    1. @JACK I think some people collect them for fun and then use them sometimes, don't you think?

    2. i know but i my opinion 16 is too much though

    3. Someone is Jealous JACK

  2. really 16 iPhone cases way to much maybe 1 or 2 is ok


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