Wednesday, 19 February 2014

breaking news

it has just come in that the king of Norwich has declared bottom burping is now illegal in Norwich so keep it in and throw the baked beans out. trumping afterdark will incur extra  penalties. anyway that's the news from where you are. arrrrrrrrrrrrrr got one coming. I hear the sirens.

Monday, 17 February 2014


What is your opinion on horseradish?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Despicable Me 2: Review

Hallo, Blue Wafflers & stalkers & Emily's I Am DOING A REVIEW ABOUT DESPICABLE ME 2.  Ok most of you have seen the first Despicable Me.  It a great movie & I also got the minion case for my iPhone & it's pretty awesome.  It's a great family movie I have watched it over 5 times.  This movie would be rated by me ermmm.... 9/10 maybe.  9/10 Is a very good rating for me because most of the movies I watch are pretty rubbish .-. Maybe It's because the have ponies pooing glitter.  Jokes.  My favorite character in the whole movie would be Dave .  I don't know why?  If you don't know who Dave is he is one of the minions.  Funny moments?  When Gru was in the cake shop with his minions one of the minions looked at Lucy & fell in-love with her _ Comment down what you think About this shamazing Movie

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Random Questions

Quote "this blog post is about all different subject some of them are questions."

My question to all of you blogger fans 
out there, what is your earliest 
memory you can remember?

If you could give up at least 2 things 
for a whole month what would they 

What is your fav's song, and why?

What do you think,                                  If your wondering why I put cat image's
this kitten is thinking?                              0n, blog posts, I don't even know.?
What make you happy, if anything 
makes you happy! JOKE.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Keep calm posters

Every body's probs seen a keep calm poster, your kidding you've never seen a keep calm poster..........................  Know you have!
I don't really think saying keep calm will make you calm, it would make me more stressed

If this is what looking at a keep calm poster does to you I want to sake who ever made this posters.

When I said I'm going to sake them  I was joking k.

Snap out of it

Have you ever had that moment when you           just can't consecrate on anything.  Well sometimes it can't hert to just not have them moments sometimes.

I say, Keep calm and don't snap out of it.

This poster has it all wrong.

                                                                           Don't mess with the                                 chilling cat.

This cat was  just chill-axing, but the dog just hed to inter- fear.  Well it didn't end up well for the dog "what is the dog doing on a wall anyway aren't dogs indoor pets."
 "not this dog,"

Sunday, 9 February 2014

please give me comments.

how come I don't get comments on my posts and every body else dose. quick post saying give me comments.

the josh show.

I would say I am a comedian. {some may disagree] the teachers always say its a lesson not the josh show but now I will give you what you've been waiting for! drumroll please. drum drum drum etc. theres a man walking down the street. you know where this is going don't you but you wont know this joke. second drumroll please. drum drum drum etc. micheal jackson walks in to a bar and over hears a conversation the barman sees him hearing in on the conversation and sais oy don't be nosey. that's all for this time folks bye.

mums vs dads

is it me or do parents argue over the weirdest things. {you have to clean the dog poo up} {you have to clean the dishes} man I never want to grow up but we all have do some day. and one day were going to have to argue about dog poo and dirty dishes. parents have it tough but so do we, well sometimes, err never. parents are awesome so parents we salute you.

Saturday, 8 February 2014


                           Your opinion
 What singers do you like the most out of every singer, also there song they sing.  Well I like alot of singers but I really like Adele someone like you.

This has nothing to do with this writing but what is your fav's animal. 

                                 Fav's - 

         Macklmore Fan's

A Question

Do you prefer parsnips or turnips?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Blood Sucking Demons

Frighting, Difficult, And Deadly.  Three people fight go to Africa to fight scull crunching, blood sucking demons.Also there fighting for a place to become the one and only demon hunters in whole world.
                             ONLY 2 PEOPLE CAN SURVIVE.  
"Africa sis's" Jake exclaimed
"Its cool year but I don't want to come here to fight people on holiday maybe."
"Even though its dreamy here lets save some people"Announced Kelsey.
"Its not to dreamy here actually."

So off they went into the woods as they got deeper in the wood signs appeared like gouges in the bark.      
"Are them markings from demons...or what?" Jake asked

AS they got half way in the forest they saw a dead body but not only it was dead its blood as bean  drained.
"I don't think the demons are normal i think they drain your blood." Commented Jake 

Without Warning, BANG behind them in the little village  something exploded. 
What though?
                                 The End.
                                              Or is it?

No its not.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


after Ronaldo won ballon dor people are dissing messi. well don't he is a good player I think Ronaldo had a better year but still we should still give messi some credit.and as for ribery he has been on fire no more needs to be said. just leave who you think is better in the comment section below.

Food recipe for chilli con carne

first chop 3 medium onions, and cook until transparent, and soft. then add 1 lb of minced beef, 3 cloves of chopped garlic, and stir until beef is no longer pink. then add 10-15 shakes of tabasco [chilli sauce] or 2 chopped hot chillies [according to taste] cook for a further five minutes, add 500ml passata and 1 can chopped tomatoes, 15 shakes of lee and perrins sauce, half tea spoon sugar and my special ingredient 1 bay leaf. simmer on low for about 1 hour, just before serving add 1 can of drained kidney beans. serve with rice, couscous or wraps. enjoy from the chef.

Monday, 3 February 2014


Hello, My Fans, Stalkers & Ect....  We had Prom/Disco Thingy Bob as you know I went with Merryn and....yeah we broke up, because she was ignoring for some reason & personal reasons ^-^.  Now me & Merryn are a perfect couple just like Dillon & the laptop,who were kissing together together earlier O.O.  Our relationship is not perfect >.< Because I'm the one who is trying to make this relationship work I hug she just stays still doing nothing.  As I said no relationship is perfect.  I'm Craving for chicken....Don't judge me.....I WUV U MERRY BO BO.  If you like my posts or stuff like that comment to become A BLUE WAFFLER.  That's what I call my fans or sometimes SLAVES ¬-¬.  Joking :-).  Merry you My World.  So Ya Cya.