Monday, 16 December 2013



This post is about a person who play's minecraft with his friends and he creates loads of cool inventions and building.  The person who is really good at minecraft is called Stampycat and if you type in Stampycat minecraft into you tube it will show you how he builds his amazing building's.  Stampycat has got about 150 video's about minecraft.  Stampycat doesn't just create amazing thing he also get's invited to look around amazing thing's and help people build amazing thing's.  Sorry that i keep using the word amazing but the thing's he looks around,build and help people build are truly amazing.  This is a video of stampycat having tour of a massive cruse ship.
In my opinion stampycat is amazing and he create's the most amazing buliding and inventions.

This post was about a fantastic minecraft player who is my insperation on minecraft. please look at his video's on youtube and see who amazing he is. If you do please comment on this post and tell me if you like him.

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