Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Future

The future will hold different thing and items and animals That could never have been thought of. This post is going to be about what the future will be like in my head.

Car will turn into hovercraft's and the aeroplane's will become Teleportation devises and everything will change.  The new phone will become holographic phone's and The normal laptop will become a holographic beacon and you will get signal where ever you go.  But the only thing that i wish wasn't in the future in my head is that human like robots are built and the world is slowly being taken over by a scientist and his robot army.  The world will always change.  It might change in a good way or a bad way the the world will never stay the same.  The children will change.  The adults will change.  Even the animals will change nothing will be the same.  The world will always change one day but until then i will always try to have as much fun as possible and i suggest so should you, but try not to get into trouble.

Please comment what you think the future will be like and if you disagre with me tell me what you want to happen.

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  1. i remember when i used to blog on this website it was so fun


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