Friday, 6 December 2013

My dad

OMG! Isn't it just so annoying when your dad just sit and watch snooker, football and darts!!

My dad is watching snooker and that's the one thing that annoy me the most, you tell them that you can watch it later but he don't care aslong as he's watching what he wants 24/7 he's I a world of his own. 

"Why dad you," is what you always say!! But no it's all dad dad dad. It's even worse as my mums not here as she wouldn't let him watch it, but she's at work.😠

The way that he always dance around the room when his favorite player wins. Like I said it's all dad dad dad in this house . 

That's enough from me I'm done with this just awnser one thing. What's your dad like?

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