Thursday, 18 October 2012

zombies kills

Zombies kills

One dark night there was a werewolf in the graveyard looking for a zombie to eat.The werewolf was howling.”Mm I want some zombies to eat come out wherever you are!”
 In the bushes there was a zombie watching the werewolf. The zombie went  to the other zombies to tell them that werewolf was going eat them all up. The zombies acted quickly to save their lives so they all got  together and  came up with a plan together .The  plan was to  kill the wolf first before it kill them .The zombies all got in the bushes an waited for the moment  to get the werewolf.All the ugly zombies jumped out out of the bushes
and then killed the werewolf by riping his brain out and then his guts and then his feets ands arms.Ate he all up ,afterthat they eventually got to the villge by the time it hallween.Their was lots of kids saying,"trick or treat!"........

Part two will come soon!!


  1. When will part two be out?

  2. this is great but i don't want zombies trying to kill me i felt like they was going to

  3. I like this because I like zombies and I want to read the next one.


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