Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Dog Heidi

Heidi’s puppy life

date of birth : 24.4.2012                                                                    
Gender : female
Born in: A big barn                                                                       
Breed of dog : Golden Retriever
When we got Heidi she was about 8 week old.The first time she was as happy as a monkey and very friendly.Also when we got our dog she was very much missing her brother and sister also her mum .After she had lots
of fun playing with are family she was tired,so she went in the kitchen and went to sleep.When she was little she was a little bit white, but now she is golden .

After she was settling in she had a problem by not going outside for a toilets.Heidi was very lively and always nibbling are feet.Sometime Heidi
will take your shoe and take them outside..So if you want to come round mine hid your shoe.

Heidi had to have 2 injections,so she can go out on walks.After Heidi had her injection. she had to wait 1 week this  because she was not  ready yet.Now Heidi was ready she has be on lots of park.The first park that she enjoy was catton park.My mum was takeing her for walks.Sometime my Dad walk Heidi at waterloo park,but she get lots of rubbish like nappes,bin bag and food and more. Now Heidi have 2 walks a day she is a bit more calmer than she has be. Heidi love dog ,.because she always jumps up on them and bark,but some do not play with her.

The first day was a bit of a disaster,because heidi saw our cat mopsy and heidi was barking at it also heidi got close to mopsy,so mopsy clawed it near it eye.Heidi was a tiny bit bleeding,but she was still happy.  

Heidi has just about learnt to go outside for a toilet,but still have some indoor.Now heidi have a cage so she can sleep at night.When she was first in our house she did sleep on my mum’s lap.After that she sleep’s on a pillow.Now Heidi is about 5 month and nearly 6 month.My Dog Heidi give you kiss on the nose but sometime bit you on the lips.

Heidi is the best dog ever and I hope what Heidi would have an happy life.

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