Thursday, 18 October 2012

A girl`s life

                                                                    A girl`s life

One day there was a girl called Ella she lived  her with her horrid step mum, who harts her so much she could not stand Ella. Ella did not like her step mum, but her dad was rich. That`s why her step mum got with him so when he dies she will get all the money.Because  she wanted to be rich and show off to her friends. Ella`s dad died when she was 10 years old,now she is 15 years old. Her  step mum has two girls, one is 15 years old and the other is 14 years old. Ella was left out for every thing while her half sister got what they wanted. Ella missed her lovely dad who loved Ella  lots. Ella was forced to do all the jobs in the house, she did not get even money for it. Her half sisters left a lot of rubs around on purpose because  they did not like her. Lucky  she does go to school to learn and she see her best friends there and other friends.Her half sisters was selfish of her having good `friends, so their told their mum. Their mum said to Ella,"you well not see your friends even more!" Ella said," no! you can`t do this to me!" step mum said," yes i can by not letting you go to school." Ella said," no! i`ve got no one to talk to then." step mum said," yes i will." Ella ran to her room while crying her eyes out. her half sister was laughing to each other. When got to her room she was talking to a pretty blue bird about what happen down stairs. Then her step mum was coming up the stairs Ella said,"quick go." When Ella`s step mum came in her bedroom and said,"what do you thing you are doing."Ella said,"nothing." step mum said,"it better be nothing!"
the next day Ella wake up before her step mum and her half sisters,she quickly got read for school, she ran as fast she could go.When Ella got there she said to her best friend,"I think this well  be the last time I see you good bye." she quickly got back home by the time she got home her step mum was awake and standing |in front of the door. When Ella her step mum said," go to your room now!!!" Ella`s step mum came up with her, when Ella got in her room her step mum quickly lock the door an she kept the key.Ella turn around  and tried the door it was locked,she called her pretty blue bird to come to her the bird got to her in time she said,"go and get all your friends to get me out of here." the blue bird went off to get all his friends. When he got back to Ella said what to do "get the key off my step mum." the blue bird  whistle to his friends.

          part 2 will be out in 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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