Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Runaway
Chapter 2 ( If you have not read chapter 1 yet, you might aswell read that before this.)
By Alice

The railway master was coming back! Panicked, the runaway ran towards the window, but the footsteps were coming closer. He hadn’t time to escape through the window, so he dived behind the desk. Like a beating drum, his heart thumped in his chest, as the crooked, old door creaked open.

A tall, ghostly figure stepped into the room. The figure walked quickly towards the shelf of books and pulled an old, green out. Then from his pocket, he drew a small object and placed it where the old book had been. After that he left the room.

Cautiously, the runaway crept out from behind his master hiding place. Curiously, he tiptoed over to the short, wooden bookshelf. Excited, he peered over the top of the shelf and to his surprise a tiny, silver key sat on top of the shelf! He grabbed the key and as quick as a flash, he escaped out of the window and disappeared into the night. There was one problem with his escape, he had left the window wide open, a pot of ink knocked over and a quill in the middle of the floor.

Chapter 3 will be out soon!

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