Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Goldfish Statue                                       
by Alice

Shining like a golden coin in the sky, the sun looked down from the marmalade sky, sending beams of sunlight into the park. I checked my watch. Tea wasn't yet, although it would be soon. As the wind blew lightly, the trees whispered secretly to each other. The park was still and quiet as I slowly knelt down on the muddy banking.

Curiously I stared into the murky water, apparently the small pond was famous for goldfish, but mysteriously I'd never seen one before. Directly in the middle of the pond was a stone statue of a goldfish. Branches of the trees have covered the pond, so no sunlight could peek through, however the silvery scales of the fish still glimmered.

Suddenly something happened, something magical; the grey stone goldfish statue started to shrink! Not quickly, but slowly, simultaneously I stood up and gazed at it with utter surprise as its silvery fins started to wiggle and jiggle. The statue was now the size of a cupcake. I was so surprised I quickly sat down in shock. It leapt into the water. As soon as that happened hundreds of goldfish rose from the water. The difference was that these goldfish were gold, but the statue was as grey as a mouse. “Wow”, I whispered as the the goldfish dived into the water, sending thousands of tiny bubbles rising to the surface, like floating pearls.

Not long afterwards, they jumped magnificently out from beneath the water, carrying weeds and flowers in their wide mouths. Hastily they swam over to the stone goldfish. They bowed and gave him the flowers. I wondered why they were feeding the statues with plants and I peered into the water. Suddenly I slipped on the banking and tumbled dangerously into the pond. I made a colossal splash as I hit the water. The fish dived beneath the surface. Then they swam to a golden flower and used their shiny fins to point to it. I picked it from the ground and gave it to the statue not knowing what would happen next.

Willingly the statue took a terribly tiny nibble into a glowing orange petal. Unfortunately nothing happened. At that moment the clouds hid the suns beaming face, a gloomy, ghostly shadow swallowed the park. I took a small step back and dry autumn leaves crackled loudly underfoot. The wind stampeded madly past my face, leaving leaves swirling up my legs like furious ghosts.

Just then everything stopped; the silence was as loud as thunder. Glowing like an angel from heaven, the statue rose majestically into the humid air, then leaped magnificently into the pond. But now the goldfish was not grey it was as orange as the petals on the flower.

The next day the goldfish had vanished and a cold stone statue of a fish was in the middle of the pond. Apparently the pond was famous for goldfish, not many people have ever seen one,although I had.

The End

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