Thursday, 4 October 2012

Maxwell the story part 2

Part 2 of The Mystery
"Where am I ?", wispered Maxwell nobody answered. He saw flying cars also the had red eyes where the lights should be and vampire teeth under the car plate. Slowly, Maxwell walked over to a car which is just siting there, He mumbled," Hello, are you ok ?". Carefully, the red eyed car moved slowly towards Maxwell. Like a light bulb, a man  appered out of nowhere and lazed the car, which burnt and RIP EVIL CAR!

What just happened Maxwell said in his head, the man answered," I saved your life because the car was going to bite you in to one of them, that means you have to do some thing for me in return nd that thing is you have to go on a quest to get home ." 

  Maxwell when throught the car doom forest, The fire hole cave and a jungle. He did'nt know where to go out then he saw a car making a sqaure hole just like his one did so he jumped in the hole and when he got back home he returned the blue minicooper ans sold all his cars to his school. and in the end he made £10.00. Maxwell never wanted to see another toy car again.

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