Wednesday, 3 October 2012

maxwell the story by Amber

The mystery 
One day a child called Maxwell brought a toy. A blue car the toy was in fact, but when he brought it the shopkeeper didn't tell him what happen to the last person who brought that car. Maxwell is a 8 year old boy who is always playing with his cars. When his family come over for christmas he is always playing with cars, he dont even say hello to them

Maxwell was walking home with his new toy car pushing it down the road. When he got home he yelled," Mum mum i have got a new car, which is blue!" 
Maxwell's mum came running down the stairs and mumbled," A new car what sort?" she got down the stairs and saw it was a blue minicooper.

Happily, Maxwell ran up to his bed room and started playing with his car on his race track. Maxwell's mum could hear Maxwell from down stairs doing his car nosies. Broom broom you can win the race  Maxwell say. At that moment, Maxwell herd a car nosie, but his mum cloud not hear it. The car started moving it self in a sqaure shape and the floor became a black hole...

 As quick as Usain Bolt, a storm of wind came and pushed Maxwell into the hole. Maxwell yelled," HELP HELP!", but nobody could hear him...

Find out what happen soon.


  1. wow very impressive

  2. I really like this. I like the mysterous end what says find out later. I think you can improve by not saying Maxwell all the time.


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