Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Top Ten Useless/wired people in my class

In this blog i will write about the top ten useless people in my class.
Useless list

10: Kordian konstanty 
9: Emily culley
8: Simeon ward
7: Skye chapman 
6: Milly plane
5: Zoe whiting
4: Kye hunter
3: Chalie sewell 
2: Dillon tooke
1: Kirill jasko

Wired list

10: Kye hunter/Simeon ward
9: Skye chapman
8: Kordian konstanty
7: Milly plane
6: Malachi McClure godard 
5: Charlie sewell
4: Molly page 
3: Emily culley
2: Zoe whiting
1: Kirill jasko


  1. How Am I useless?!
    *cries in corner* :P


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