Sunday, 8 June 2014


Ok I'm not the type of person who would be going on social websites but ok.  Recently I have created a kik acc and if your at home reading this and being like " what is kik?" Well it's a social website like Facebook but it's got more messaging to it.  If you know what kik us and wondering why an 11 year old is on it is because I chat to my friends and stuff like that. Tbh I don't see anything bad about it.  Or anything inappropriate.  It's actually quite cool what you can do on there.  I aswell have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (more on that later) , Instagram & snap chat.  Yes that is loads. This what I do on my computer all day long....

I won't be telling you my kik because I don't want no one to find my identity xoxoxoxoxo

Peace out~

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