Wednesday, 18 June 2014

High School...and stuff...

Ich bin kirill.  Ok i know German .-.  .... or maybe my little friend named Google Translate does me :3  So..carrying on with the topic High school... i'm going to Jane Austen College.  It's posh e.e  i don't think they like my humour >.<  lel.  idc though because i have sweg XD.  No not really, but we don't get no homework. Weheeey.  It's on Colgate...No..Not the tooth paste.  And no the street next to it is not called Tooth brush.  I'm going to that high school with my mates B) Emily, Zoe, Simeon (Annoying boy c:), Ash (Also annoying) and Me (Purely annoying).  But I'm not that weird I'm really weird. Simple things confuse me... People have been asking me loads of questions on and on.  Yes i'm this weird at school.  No i'm not a monkey. And yes i'll marry you ¬_¬

~Peace out

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