Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Top Ten Creepiest Places On Earth! - Part 1

Number 10 - Aokigahara Forest

Its not only the creepy fog that happens there loads of times...Its the dead bodies!
Located at the base of Mt.Fuji, since the 1950's people commited suicide...and on the trees sentences carved with knifes read-
"Don't do it"
"Your family is treasure"

Number 9 - The Kabayan Burial Caves

Located in north Philippines, This was discovered by workers that have been digging in the area. A door was found and the others shouted "Don't go in there!!" But they went in. They found skeletons and their heads put into a wall. How would you react if you found this out?!

Number 8 - Abandoned Doll Island

On a small island in Mexico,Destroyed/Burnt dolls were found hanging BY THE NECK on trees! This has become a world-wide tourist attraction! The creator of these dolls is,to this day,unknown...

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