Thursday, 19 June 2014

My wishlist for my birthday & my pets/w story time.

I want for my birth day a lot of things like ermm...everything.  Well for example I want a doggy.  My mum wont get me one -.-  If I got a pug I would name it Pugsley.  Second I would like to have new skates.  Thirdly I want a new phone.  Yeah my mum thinks I am very demanding I'm sorry mother, but I idc.  I also have 2 bunnies named Jazmiine and Biscuit.  Yes that is the way I spell Jaz, because I want her to be different.


Once I had my rabbit pregnant.  She got pregnant with 5 babies we sold 2 and 3 boys (Simon, Spencer & Spotty) got the mum pregnant and her sister Jaz and we had about 26 baby rabbits.

~Peace out

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