Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Iggy Azelea & Miley Cyrus -_-

I love Iggy Azelea.  Unfortunately, i can't my fave song of hers as it is explicit x. That's fancy xoxoxo. I also love the new song she done with Ariana Grande. Problem.  I guess it;s a bit weird because Ariana is supposed to be a nice but now she's like Iggy.  At least not the drunk Miley.  Seriously Miley you are supposed to be on Disney now people's parents have to explain to their children why Hannah Montanna isn't on anymore.  And yes i'm upset. Sorry Miley idl you anymore you were supposed to be a role model for disney now kids will be like you.  That's bad. Although I still listen to wrecking ball.  You were so cool but now no.

This is Iggy.

~Peace out

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