Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Hometown & Story Time

I grew up in Tallinn, Estonia.  I only had my toys to play with because I was a loner...haha doesn't make any difference now.  I went to Grandma's summer house alot in Narva Jõesuu.  I had met one my friends who i've now been with about 7 years now.  Her name is Vlada.  Sounds like Bladder XD.  Sorry.  Btw i'm not Estonian I'm Russian.  I always went to the beach.  It wasn't far.  ish.  There was a funny story.


Me and my two other friends (Nastja, 14) and (Sonja, 7?) We were running round the beach and we decided to it.  We also decided (stupidly) that the changing rooms were home.  So Sonja was it and we ran to the left changing room.  Sonja thought we ran into the right changing room.  She ran there and saw someone's feet.  She thought it was Nastja's feet but it was a random person.  She decided to grab the feet and climb inside the changing room.  The person was half way through getting changed... lovely isn't it? Bleh...

~Peace out

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