Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pic of the day #2

Sorry I haven't been posting much of pic of the day so here's one. This me...Ugly..Pure ugly...eughh.  Yes that is a StarBurst bracelet.  It's not hard to make.  Well after you did it a couple times or maybe 1OO ;-;  So I really like taking selfies.  But first le me take a shelfie.  Yes shelf.  My headpones are plugged in because i'm listening to music. I got one less problem withoutcha.  Probs i'm crazy.  Nah just the coffee's taking effect.  I'm not showing my full face.  Too ugly and private and pus i do not want to break my camera.  If your that desperate to see my eyez.  Go on my other blog and find my Insta.  I only posted Pic of the day because Kordian begged me ...lel Kordian can you not?

~Peace out

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