Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Quit. Msp.

I've quit msp :( (Moviestarplanet) For personal reasons.  Never logging back back on. ik it's sad and hard but i'm growing from it R.I.P JohnnyCx.  I need another game.  Not aloud imvu -.- Idl club penguin, moshi monsters, bin weevils ect..ect.. So someone can you comment your username and your gaming website.  Any suggestions? No? ok i'm bored i guess i'll get more exercise and that....haha no.  Not. Happening. Ever. Worst. Idea. Ever. Shout out to.  Lucky Lilly, Jish10 (Mally) Roxie 398 (Mollz) Fizzy ash (Ash) Jish (Josh Kerr he left ;'( ) and Princess770 (Erica)
Msp log in (Millie317) the ginger girl

1 comment:

  1. Kirill!!!!!! Get roblox! My username:
    Add me as a friend and we can play somethin'


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