Thursday, 19 June 2014

Midsummer Night's Dream (Make-up)

Hayley's Makeup by me
So today we have doing make about midsummer nights dream.  I was the make-up artist and I was doing Hayley's face.  I wasn't going to go hard on the make up but oops.  In the pic there's Hayley (Left) Me (Middle) Jack (Right).  Jack's face has gone demented.  I just tried to do a pose where everyone looked ugly and I was cute.  Well not really cute.  Actually, when each time I look at it it get's uglier and uglier.  So I done Hayley's Lips blue with green spots & glitter.  As you can see Hayley has wings on her eyes and Miss. Barnes's Mascara (don't tell her that) and for the eyelashes' we mixed neon yellow & neon pink.  She had a Chelsea smile (not real of course) but she baby wiped it off.  This picture is called the family of ugly's.

~Peace out

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