Monday, 25 November 2013

Year six's book week art spooks apprentice

The Spook's Apprentice 

we were learning about the spooks apprentice we had to make a project Milly and Hayley then Simeon and Charlie,ash,jack.g and Malachi,Dillon we listened to a pod carst of the spooks then drew a story bord.  The story boreds are fantastic so you need to see it.( Amazing) we had lots of fun doing are art work we had teachers helping us. All the people in my school done book week year 6 done the spooks apprentice year 3 done diary of a wimpy kid from Dillon and Skye book was amazing!!!


  1. hi i am Ned from Arrowtown school in New Zealand

    they are spooky i like the art one the and the watch one but all are god

  2. Hi I'm Finley
    I am from Arrowtown school in New Zealand
    BOSS MOVIES I like the spook experiment it was probably my FAVOURITE
    I like your youtube videos too.

  3. soz to say this malie but u spelt cast wrong u spelt it like carst instead of cast (why)?

  4. thanks for all the friendly comments

  5. where is me and alexs and josh


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