Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Home Town

Norwich, is the place that I was born in and being raised here. It isn't the best place but it is still the place that I call home. 

In Norwich we have many great beaches and arcades that you can drive to and it doesn't take, so long  there are places like Gt Yarmouth, Sea Pauling (therechips are nice), there are still many more but that will fill up the page!! 

Back in the 11th century we were the second populist country after London, London is the capital of England.  

Norwich have approximately have 37,6500 people live over here an in the hole of England there are 65.7 million our population have grown by 40000!! 

Room 8 I hope you like this and hopefully you have learnt a little about Norwich and England!! 😃 

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