Wednesday, 27 November 2013

cm punk

                                                                         facts about  wwe superstar cm punk

cm punks name is phillil jack brookes and he was born 26 october  1978.

His first mach in wwe was in 2006 and his ring name is cm punk  and he one  the tag team champion ships in 2009 with his old tag team partner was kofi kingston . He was in the nwa in 2002  bethor he jiond monday night raw and fridaynight smackdown he was in ecw for 5 years untill he moved to smackdown in 2009
and in 2011 he one the wwe championship in novenber and he was the champion for the holl year of 2012 and lost the championship at the royal rumble 2013 he was the wwe champion for 344 days  days until he lost the championship agenst the rock.

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