Monday, 25 November 2013

norwich my city.

Norwich has some amazing things such as Norwich Cathedral which is over 900 years old, as well we have a castle that has a dungeon in it, and to top it all off we have the Wensum River which is a beautiful sight.  Norwich, in the 11th century, was the 2nd biggest city apart from London. It used to have fortified walls all around it, but most of them are gone now.

You can go on boats on the river, which leads to the Norfolk Broads, but I havn't been on one yet.  The Norfolk Broads are a medieval manmade feature. The Broads are historic peat quarries that have flooded. The Victorians used the Broads for transporting heavy goods on Wherries and Barges out to sea and towards the large shipping port of London.  .

We have a local football team that is in the Premier league and the football ground is right next to the train station, it takes just under two hours to get to London by train. We have 4 cinemas, 3 theatres, 1 dry ski slope, 1 ice rink, 2 skateparks and an airport. I live 5 mins away from the local airport.

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