Monday, 25 November 2013

My Psycho Dreams

Ok so I have this recurring nightmare, where I'm sleeping and I hear a noise I look no one is there, but I feel somebody is awake.  I called my mum no answer then I heard a noisy next door & something was in my bedroom, I looked up & it was a giant waffle trying to eat me, but before I could blink I'm inside his organs.  The next day the waffle (it was blue & fluffy) was sick and I came out in a world of knife, fork & Spoon where I get married to a spoon & cheat on it with a very intelligent fork.  Then I had 2 baby spoons & 2 knifes.  One fine day there it rained didgeridoos & I died of being squished by one.  If you had any strange dreams comment below.


  1. seriously a huge waffle and raining didgeridoos (lol) :?

  2. Why HUGE WAFFLE seriously Kirill. Is that really what you dream about. What next GIANT COOKIES.

  3. It sounds like you have a really awesome imagination. Please could you draw a picture of this dream and put it on your blog it would be BRILLIANT.


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