Monday, 25 November 2013

Catton Grove Primary School

Catton Grove Primary is the best school ever we have 650 children and there are 90 teachers, including TA's, cleaners, miday supervisors that look after us at lunch.  We do all sorts of different sub-jects, like now we are doing seed germination.

We have two sports halls, one we have our lunch in and we use it for P.E aswell. The second hall we use for all sorts of things, we use it for plays, gymnastic at lunch times and at the end of school, P.E again and many more.

Some of the teachers are quite boring, as they are stricked (no names Mr Simpsons) now he is some one you wouldn't want t get into trouble with and they don't know how to have fun. Then on the other hand some of the teachers are fun as they add in fun games and they trick us in lessons, that makes it interesting.

Recentely we have had an author come in for book week, his name was Joseph Delaney he was so funny!!  He asked for people to come up to the front of the library, we have a library if you did not know anyway he made us smell these things that smelt weird one of them were hot apple pie and the other was the remains if a burnt human heart. Gladly I didn't have to smell it!! 

We also had a book fair.  A book fair is where our library teacher, Mrs Bream and her jouinor  librarians sell books and other things to the pupils of catton grove at the end of the day. What ever money we make goes towards new books for the library.

Our head teacher is Mr Laws and our 
Secretary head teacher is Miss Patterson 
I guess she's alright at times just don't be naughty when she's around, she's a good step head teacher but I don't think many people would agree but I don't mind what they say!!!

In year six we are learning how to personify things, and we personified The Mary Rose this is my poem. 

There I am struggling, the dancing waves 
Push me down to the bottom of the deep blue one of my men have been washed over bored. That was my poem thank you for reading please leave a comment. 

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