Monday, 25 November 2013

Catton is amazing

Catton Grove primary school is the best school in the universe and within it you have loads of fun , the teachers are great they make you feel like whereever you are in the school you feel safe. Last week we wrote poems mine was:

The Mary Rose was sinking struggling
as she went the violent waves
Were clashing
the moment very tense.

We get to use the ipads, laptops and chrome books, which is loads of fun! Thankyou loads for reading my blog. Please leave a comment!


  1. HI,
    I like your poem about Mary Rose.
    Wouldn`t it be scary to be out on a boat like that.
    Have you ever done that before?
    I agree that, it`s fun to use ipads and laptops.
    I also have a cool school too.
    from Marigold

    1. i like your mary rose poem and hope everyone enjoys it aswell


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