Monday, 25 November 2013

Black ops 2


                                                                  Black ops ll

Black ops 2 is realy popular game.  You can't play 2 player  on missions but you can play zombies 1 to 4 players online 2 to 14. most people play zombies but some you have to unlock. on call of duty world at war you have to complete it on one on missions to get zombies.(map nacher toting Nazi zombies)  With black ops 11 you have to get 750 points to open the or you find and build parts to open the rusty door.

If you want a gun you can buy them of the wall or the box , but if you have got the monkey they will make the zombies stand around it and explode and kill a herd of zombies, the teddy is the thing you should worry about.
The teddy get rid of the box but there are other boxes........If you get teddy bear twice you get the box you had first, but when you get round about round 10 that stop.....only for a bit.

the Best guns on black ops 2 zombies,top 3:

1 the best, ray gun
2 thunder guns
3 bullet chamber

A packer punch is a machine that upgrade your gun,  and make it much more power full. The best gun To packer punch is the thunder gun. Last best at zombies is yoat slayer  but he died not so long ago..... i am so sad don't even want to talk about it.


  1. Hi I am Ned fron Arrowtown in New Zealand

    BOSS CLIP!!!!!
    i love black ops i don't play it all the time maybe 1 or two times every 4 days on my iPad and PS3 .

    1. i play it all the time some times


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