Monday, 25 November 2013

Norwich (Home)

Ok so I came to this strange place about 4 years ago from Estonia.  This place has been boring a bit for the first year (probably because I didn't speak any English).  All I can say is it's a Sun kissed place.  First when you start everyone thinks your weird, but it's ok when people star to know you better.  Also there are some cool landmarks in Norwich like The Cathedral, Chapelfield , Castle mall & The Forum.  The Forum also has the largest library in Norwich.
Although Norwich isn't the biggest city I have lived in, but it has been the most friendly city I have lived in.  I would like to thank all my friends, who supported me especially Jack.  If I haven't moved into Norwich I wouldn't have such nice friends.  Summing up Norwich is a great & friendly city.  Come & visit us.  

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