Friday, 29 November 2013

The day of the zombies

On the 25th of November I had a dream that there was a zombie Apocalypse in Norwich and was spreading and I'm going to tell you how it happened.

My mum was beginning to turn into a zombie i didn't know what to do, so i walked to my weaponry car and drive to my friends house's Malachi,Joshua Kerr,Joshua O'Toole,kye hunter and grabbed all the dogs they we owned. By then all the streets were over run by zombie's. I let my friend's get some of the hidden guns in the car. I drove to the closet weaponry centre (army base) witch was about 37.4 miles away( 1 hour away).  While i was driving my friends were shooting the closest zombies north,east,south an west.  Malachi was using a Uzi, kye was using a m16, Josh Kerr was using a magnum and Joshua O'Toole was using a Bravo squad assault riffle.

  When we reached the army base we had to be quick to get all the guns out of the car and into the base.  By the time we had finished unloading we realised that the zombies have multiplied and spread even more.  The army commander let us in and asked how we survived this far.  i replied, "we used the guns that were hidden in my car."  after we had a quick talk about how we got here we all went to try some new gun out and give some of ours to them.  Later that night we had some food then went to get some sleep.  The next day we all done a realistic test to see how good we our with certain weapons.  The highest amount of kills ever by  team of 5 was 237 kills and our team highest score was only 17 away from breaking the record.  When we finished it was clear we were able to fight the zombie with the professionals, but it was all up to the commander and his team.  the commander told us that we could help the, so we each took 7 different weapons and set of to kill the zombies hoping they don't spread into different country's.  While the commander was driving the rest of us were killing the zombies with the weakest gun we had.  in nearly 1 hour we killed over 1000 zombies, but there was still a whole county to protect or at least what was left of it. In 3 hours we killed over 3000 zombies and got to safety and stayed there for the night.  We all woke at dawn and and set of at sun rise to reach the helicopter base before sunset.

 We set of to see only a few zombies, but as we went on there gradually became more and more and more until there was Nealy 8000 zombies in sight.  we reached the the helicopter base about 2 hours before sunset, but we didn't sleep we got in 2 different helicopter's and loaded the turrets and flow high into the sky until we were all able to shoot the zombies.  By sunrise we were still killing zombies and ready to see if the zombies have moved to different country, but sadly they did and they had nearly spread all over the world.  The only places left for the zombies to reach is Australia and new Zeland.  We had about 3 hour's until the zombies would reach Australia and New Zeland.  Our gun's had run out of bullets and we couldn't find any on the hellicopter.  The turret had also run out of bullet so the only weapons we had were grenade's and knife's/ but it was to late we could not stop the with grenade or knife's we couldn't even stop them with turrets or any other weapons all we could do was to find saftey, more gun's and even more bullets and start the zombie revelation.

The team of 10 was soon cut down to a team of 7 but that another story for another day...

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