Friday, 27 April 2012

It was a dark and stormy night, I was lying in bed when a ghostly figure rushed past my window. Then I realized it was no human or ghost, it was the demon himself...Herobrine! I tried to attack the demon but it was no use.
Herobrine was to powerful, he was about to throw a fireball at me.Then I suddenly sat up... It was only a dream!

I know that herobrine exists, I just know it. The next morning I gathered all the miners I could, I asked them to go the nearest mine. I told the miners to look out for the demon... Herobrine. “Non-Sense” said one of the miners “ he doesn't exist.”
“Trust me Frank” I said shaking “he could be anywhere.”
“alright, alright! i’ll keep a look out for this demon”

I returned back home, it was getting dark so i had to rest.
I lit the fire and got warm, the bed was neatly made so i tucked myself in and had a rest.
The next morning i went to check on the miner, he was gone.

Did Herobrine do this?


  1. i like this bailey i can't wait to see what happens next!!!!! charli

  2. asda aw cant wait next bit

  3. can they die

  4. I can't wait until you publish the 2 part. I liked the pictures you put with the story.An interesting way how you explained the ghostly figure. Do you believe in demons,have you seen one?

    1. Cool because I like the pictures to and I think they are cool because I like that kind of stuff


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