Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Chapter 2 of the creepy house

Chapter 2 of the Creepy House

Eventually, they had the courage to go upstairs to see what the mysterious banging was. Slowly, Molly creaked up the stairs. As she brushed her hand against the dusty railing she felt cobwebs all over her hand. Following her closely was Ruby and Bobbie. As she approached the door the banging got louder.  

Bobbie grabbed Ruby’s hand with fear. Molly touched the door handle and it felt cold. She opened the door and the banging stopped. Slowly Molly closed the door and then she realised that the door was the mysterious banging noise.

The girls were relieved. Bobbie felt Rubys hand let go of her, she heard a scream.   As Bobbie turned around Ruby was gone.  

Can you help me by saying what you think should happen next?


  1. I loved reading your story and can't wait for the next chapter. Love Mrs Berry

  2. Hi I think that ruby has been grabbed by the something that was making the banging noise and that was why she has disapered from the top of the stair case.

    P.S I love the story that you have wrote!!!!!!!!
    I can't wait until the next chapter comes out!!!

  3. i hope the next chapter is wonderful like the other two chapter awebb


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