Friday, 18 October 2013

top five football teams


My names simeon and I like liverpool. I started liking them when i was abouts 4 when as that was when I got my first liverpool top. I got it on my birthday from my brother steve as he was the person who got me to love it. 

When they were brilliant

My dad used to like it so did all of his friends as they used to be top of the league Which should of been now as I am the biggest fan in the world at least they are now starting to become a lot better.  Only if they didn't start to lose there games they would still be the best team in the Barkley premier league.  Of course ones luck lasted for ever so they started to draw but they are still pretty good for me.
Favourite players
  My favourite players are  Steven Gerrard and sterling as they all are very good at passing, shooting and  and crossing to help the team to victory.  Hopefully they can start to win again to get top of the league once again 

Put your five teams in a comment


  1. My top five football teams are man united England Italy but I do not no the rest

  2. I like Carlile United!

  3. My fave team is the All Whites , Phoenix , Arsenal , Manchester United and Brazil.

  4. I like All whites


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